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Personalization Guide
Year-long Instructional Planner

Planning Process

Teachers first consider how they want to sequence core CLP units and extend instruction to additional texts. Teachers personalize year-long sequences that build Knowledge, Literacy Skills, Academic Habits, and student independence through a balance of related topics or themes, genres, literary and informational texts,and assignments/assessments that involve writing or speaking to sources.

Guiding Questions

  • When in the year will I teach the OE CLP units?
  • When in the year will I add and sequence instruction using locally chosen texts?
  • What text genres and types will I select to complement the CLP text sets?
  • How will the texts I use explore a diverse set of voices and perspectives across time and cultures?
  • How will the year-long plan allow my students to build core proficiencies while learning about  a coherent but varied set of topics and themes?
  • When and how will I assess my students’ developing proficiencies, knowledge, and skills?

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