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Odell Education (OE) is dedicated to fostering creativity and critical thinking in students and the education community. OE has developed nationally validated and acclaimed literacy curriculum. OE collaborates with schools, states and organizations on assessment, curriculum, and professional development projects. Our student-centered approaches equip students with the literacy essential for success in college, career and civic life.


Judson Odell

Founder and CEO

Elizabeth Davis

Chief Programs Officer

Daniel Fennessy

Executive Director of Content Development

Stephanie Smythe

Executive Director of Operations

Miah Daughtery Ed.D

Executive Director of Literacy and Professional Learning


OE collaborates with educational practitioners and specialists on the design and development of our products and services. Senior Design Partners work with OE management at the highest level of program design and authorship. Content specialists provide OE with specialized input and expertise.

Rick Dills, Ed.D
Senior Design Partner

Isaiah King Design
Graphic Design