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Personalization Guide
Text Selection Guide

Planning Process

Teachers select a text that meets the needs of their students. Teachers first consider the genre and type of the text, and how it contributes to a balance of literary and informational texts within the year. They also consider the voice, cultural connections, and time period of the text as they strive to achieve a diverse set of reading experiences for their students. Teachers obtain a quantitative complexity measure of the text, and combine that measure with their own qualitative analysis. Having done these analyses to determine if and how they will use the text, teachers determine the best approaches for studying the text and the LIPS domains (from the Guiding Questions Handout) from which overall Guiding Questions might be drawn. To frame their students’ reading, analysis, and discussion of the text, they identify major Guiding Questions and then develop broad text-specific questions that serve as essential organizers for teaching, learning, and assessment.

Guiding Questions

  • What type of text best serves my purposes for instruction?
  • What are the qualitative and quantitative complexity measures of the text?
  • How is the text related to the content or texts in CLP units?
  • How does the text contribute to a diverse set of perspectives across time and cultures?
  • What potential cross-curricular connections might we make as we study this text?
  • What approaches to reading and LIPS domains will we consider as we read the text?
  • What guiding and essential text-specific questions will we use to drive analysis and discussion?
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