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Personalization Guide
Extension Lesson / Unit Overview

Planning Process

Teachers use this resource to think about and document CLP connections that will frame the lesson or unit they develop around extension texts. They list the important perspectives, content, or themes found in the texts and the academic vocabulary that will be learned. They identify important instructional targets, starting with standards they will focus on and then using the Overview’s checklists to identify CLP Literacy Skills and Academic Habits that will be further developed or applied. They think broadly about what resources, activities, and tasks to transfer from CLP units to support student learning and assessment. Once the lesson or unit is fully conceived, they write an Overview that can be shared with students, other teachers or administrators.

Guiding Questions

  • What important perspectives, concepts, themes, and academic vocabulary will we focus on?
  • Which standards and CLP Literacy Skills will we focus on?
  • Which CLP Academic Habits will we focus on?
  • Which CLP Tools, tasks, and assignments will I use for instruction and assessment?
  • How will I assess student work, learning, and growth?

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