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Personalization Guide
Extension Lesson / Unit Outline

Planning Process

Teachers develop and document an instructional plan, considering, the major instructional objectives, and how they will assess learning. Using the information they have recorded on the Text Segment Planner, they align text segments and key passages to a timeline and instructional sequence, briefly describing what students will do at each stage of the sequence. Teachers also note major tasks students will do within the sequence, then link these to materials they will use from the CLPLiteracy Toolbox. So that all students will read the text successfully, teachers make notes about grouping and instructional supports.

Guiding Questions

  • What is the timeframe and timeline for the lesson or unit?
  • What are the major instructional objectives, and the overall plan for assessing learning?
  • How does the timeline match up with the text segments previously identified for study?
  • How will I sequence and deliver instructional activities to develop students’understanding of the text(s), knowledge,
  • Literacy Skills, and Academic Habits? What activities from CLP units might I adapt or transfer?
  • How will I connect the instructional sequence to the key passages previously identified? How will students read and study these key passages: as a class, in teams, or independently?
  • What materials from the CLP Literacy Toolbox will students use, and for what purposes?
  • How will I group and support students to ensure they will read the text(s) successfully?

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