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Personalization Guide
Text Segment Planner

Planning Process

As teachers read and analyze the text, they consider the approaches to reading, LIPS domains, and questions they have identified to frame the study of the text. They annotate the text, identifying key passages that relate to this instructional frame and that may be used for close reading exercises with students. Teachers use the Text Segment Planner to divide the text into manageable segments that match their instructional calendar and their students’ reading abilities. For each text segment, they make notes about the major content, themes, and/or plot developments encountered, and key passages to be read closely. Teachers may code those passages for their relationship to the approaches and/or questions that frame the study of the text. As they identify challenging or important vocabulary to be addressed before or during reading, they list the words on the planner.

Guiding Questions

  • How might I divide the text into natural segments that match my instructional calendar?
  • What is the key content of each text segment – the themes, plot developments, or other important elements that students will encounter while reading the segment?
  • What are the key passages found within each text segment? How will students read these key passages: as a class, in reading teams, or independently?
  • For each text segment, and especially for each key passage, what vocabulary words might students find challenging or critical for understanding? How will they learn about these words?
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