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Review & Development

Odell Education is a national leader in college-and-career-ready literacy assessment. OE has partnered with states, non-profit organizations, districts and schools to develop assessments ranging from classroom-based formative assessments to high-stakes state assessment programs. OE provides an array of design and technical services.

The IA System can be used flexibly with any curriculum. Each IA is divided into sessions that can be administered individually or grouped to make a longer assessment. The IA system is also aligned to the content and tasks of the Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies (CLP) Program allowing for a comprehensive and cohesive, year-long instruction and assessment program.

Assessment Design

  • Formative Assessments
  • Performance Assessments
  • Online Assessments
  • High-Stakes Summative Assessments

Assessment Reviews

We conduct third-party reviews for state and national ELA and Math Assessments, including:

  • Item and form review
  • Quality control
  • Standards alignment
  • Blueprint alignment
  • Data review

Assessment Professional Development + Training

We offer professional development and training on all stages of assessment development, including:

  • Test design
  • Passage selection
  • Item writing
  • Form construction
  • Scoring and Benchmarking
  • Data analysis

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our assessment review and professional development services.